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Darkglass Electronics : DG410N

Updated: Apr 17, 2021


Featuring the same gorgeous, distinctive Darkglass look with carbon fiber Tolex, now loaded with custom-made Eminence® Neodymium drivers for a super low-weight solution with the massive and present tone, performance, and reliability we are known for.

Technicals details

Speaker : Custom Design Eminence Speaker

Horn : P-Audio PHT-410

Cabinet Material : Paulownia w/ Baltic Birch Front Baffle

Frequency response (-10dB) : 36Hz – 15kHz

Sensitivity (@1m, 1W) : 103dBSPL

Impedance : 4 Ohm

Power Handling RMS : 1000 Watts

Tweeter Action Frequency : 2 kHz

Number and Type of Inputs : Two Speakon-1/4″ combo jacks


Always use good quality speaker cables. The longer the cable the more heat will be dissipated by it which results in less power transduced by the speaker itself. Never use instrument cable (shielded) for connecting an amplifier to a cabinet.

This cabinet can produce very loud sounds, exposure to high levels of sound can damage your ears. Use proper protection if you are exposed to loud noises.

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